December 22, 2012

Day 22 of The 25 Days of Christmas

It's Day 22 of My Paper Crafting World's 25 Days of Christmas.  Wow!  We're almost done.  What a fun month this has been.  Go HERE to see all the awesome holiday ideas and to snag today's freebies.  Today's theme is Last Minute Gifts.

I'm pretty good about getting gifts for my family early.  I'm not so good at coworker and neighbor gifts.  This idea is for those little gifts.

These are decorated mason jars with "handmade" gifts inside.  Even the simplest gift can look super classy if given the right presentation.

Inside the jar with the bow is hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.  The sentiment on the tag comes from the Cricut cartridge Winter Woodland.  The hot cocoa image comes from Christmas Cheer.

I used Cursive 101 to make the sugar scrub label.  Sugar scrub is so nice and super cheap and easy to make.

Sugar Scrub Recipe:
1 part olive oil (you can use coconut or Joomla oil if you prefer)
2 parts white granulated sugar
2-4 drops essential oil (I love to use peppermint)

Wisk the ingredients in a bowl until well mixed.
Transfer into mason jar
Enjoy awesomely easy gift

To use:  Stir before use
Scrub body with sugar scrub; avoid sensitive areas
Rinse with warm water
Enjoy super soft skin
Scrub can be stored in the fridge to lengthen shelf life.

See?  Super easy and I love it.  I'm making some for myself.  I'm going to try using some Vitamin E oil in it to see how that makes my skin feel.

You can use these jars for all sorts of gifts:  candy, cookie mix, craft supplies, jam, honey, ect.  I tried to make my husband some all natural shaving cream (the tag was so cute-it had a shaved Santa), but that turned out awful.  It smelled rancid and made a horrible shave.  So sorry, I don't have a recipe for the men in your life.  If you have one, I'd love to try it.  Please share any handmade gifts you love to give or receive.

Have fun gift making!


  1. Wonderful gift idea! It looks so fun and festive! Great job on it all!

  2. Super cute project! I've never heard of sugar scrub, but love those I have bought, it does make you skin feel super clean & soft! Thanks for the recipe!