October 1, 2013

Change is Good

You might have noticed that my blog has undergone a make-over.  It's long overdue, but procrastinators like me sometimes need a kick in the pants to get a move on.

Last week, I posted a wedding card with the image of a groom getting the garter off his blushing bride. At least, that's what I thought the image was of.  Some people did not see something so innocent.  I am so sorry if the card offended you.  I assure you, that was never my intention and I was (and still am) so upset at the thought of my cards causing so much offense.

Even though I donate cards to OWH and am on some design teams, this blog is maintained by me.  Dear readers, if you are upset/offended by something you see on here, please let me know directly and I'll sort it out.  There is no need to contact anyone else because they have no control over what is on this blog.  This blog is maintained by me and only me.

Because of the drama caused by that wedding card, I decided to shorten the name of my blog to 104 Cards.  It's something I've considered doing for a while and am glad is done.  I also changed the header and background.  The flowers were far too girly and shabby chic for me, this is much cleaner but still fun.  I'm much more pleased by the look of my blog.  Hope you are too.

Another great change came my way.  I'm on the design team for Ike's World Challenges!

 I am a huge fan of Ike's art and am so glad she started selling her fabulous images.  Her realistic digis are astounding, and I'm amazed that she can convey so much emotion in her black and white images.  You'll see my first project for Ike's World next Tuesday, but you can get the stunning image that I'll be using, for free at the challenge blog, HERE!


  1. OMGosh Kaylee - I am so sorry you are going thru this over the card - sounds like things got way out of control. I know it is not like you at all to knowingly offend anyone and I want to go on record to support you. Hang in there girl - you know it was an innocent misunderstanding and so do most of us who follow your blog!

  2. So sorry about the misunderstanding about that card. I enjoy your blog. Hang in there and keep creating.